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Types of Father, when the father fails

As damaging to the psychic development of the son or daughter is the controlling and omnipresent father as the one who cannot take care of paternity and is absent in the education of his children. Next, let’s look at the types of father, when the father fails.


It is he who controls in his children what he cannot control in himself. He distrusts them and also the fact that the mother can do her job without her help. He refuses to see them as adults capable of taking charge of their lives and at the same time he needs them to feel empowered and infantilizes them.

With this type of father, boys are fragile and girls have problems with femininity and heterosexual love relationships. But, unconsciously, he envies his children.


He is the one who ignores his children with the excuse that they belong to the mothers. He is jealous of sharing the attention of his wife-mother with the children.

He is usually a somewhat childish man who, in order not to feel excluded, runs away from his father’s role because, what he really wants, is to keep the place of his mother’s children and not his father’s children.


Men, when they have a child, re-edit the relationship with their parents. If they keep a lot of hostility towards them and have not been able to overcome it or think about their new relationship, they will refuse to accept the role of parents and will want to back off. They prefer the mother, instead of his wife.

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