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Panamanian food that you should definitely try

Panamanian food

Panamanian food is delicious, so if at any time you have the opportunity to go to Panama or if you have the opportunity to try any of its succulent dishes, do not hesitate to do so. We bring you the best of Panamanian food that you should definitely try.

Panamanian Tamale

What better way to start than with a tamale of corn, tomato, hot pepper, garlic, achiote, onion, coriander and many other ingredients all together as a gift wrapped in bijao leaves and then banana leaves. The grandmothers prepare it with chicken bone / pork, with capers and olives. There are many ways to prepare a Panama tamale!


There are Corvina (sea bass) ceviches, sole, cod, octopus, shrimp, squid, mixed seafood, even Pixbae ceviche! In most Panamanian restaurants you can find these preparations with lemon juice, coriander, celery, onion and hot pepper, there are a variety of gourmet versions, some like to add citrus, avocado and tomatoes!


If you want a comforting dish for a Sunday with coconut rice and fried ripe plantain, that’s all you need. You can prepare tripe at home on special occasions!


We will not wait until the end to start with desserts! This dessert is delicious. A very complete and simple dessert. It can be found anywhere, from the most elegant restaurants to a small town’s bakery. Nothing better than hot caramelized raisins, sweet crust and crumbly chewy pudding.

Corn Tortillas

To accompany a Panamanian breakfast, they most likely include tortillas, fried, cooked, toasted, grilled, cooked in butter. You can eat the tortillas alone, with the fresh cheese, fried eggs, chorizo, stew sausage, tripe, chopped steak, etc, etc, etc. I’m hungry now!

Temptation bananas

The same green bananas that they have surely eaten but ripe and sweet, cooked in butter with cinnamon and scraped sugar cane or honey or orange juice !. These bananas are an unusual or more elegant way to make fried bananas in slices, and both are served alone, or as a side dish, most Panamanians expect to have a few pieces of ripe banana in their dishes.

Cassava with garlic mojo

Another very popular dish, very tasty with tons of citrus. Ideal for breakfast or dinner. A different view of cassava, which is usually eaten fried, in soup, cooked or sauteed in butter! To prepare it you need yucca, of course, margarine, coriander, garlic cloves, small onion, salt and pepper to taste, lemon juice and fried in oil.

La Chicha de Saril

Saril’s refreshing chicha, scraping, hibiscus flowers, lemon juice, cinnamon and ginger, a wonderful combination for a hot day, or for those who like spirits you can add some cranberry vodka. It is a delicious drink for summer, or just after a tamarind, corn and oat juice!


Patacones are a wonderful side dish. Very tasty, ideal for breakfast / lunch / dinner, and there are plenty of ways to eat them: only, with tomato sauce + sriracha + mustard, instead of nachos, stuffed with ceviche or fried sausage.


Chicheme is a corn drink with cinnamon and sugar. A wonder that you can drink cold or hot. If it is too thick it can even be eaten with a spoon, and a large cup of chicheme is a complete meal!

Ripe Banana Empanadas

This dish is not very traditional but it should! We eat empanadas of all kinds, cassava, corn, flour and bananas! Stuffed with cheese and guava, or beans, garlic and sausage, it is perfect for breakfast or a regular meal.


If you love citrus and ceviche acid, this is your dish! A rum with coke and a good portion of Sao is one of the best ways to enjoy a Friday night. You almost never see it at fancy parties, but who cares about luxury when you are eating this delicacy.

Puff pastry

The best sandwiches are puff pastry, and depending on the dough it could become totally or chewable, crispy, light or heavy. This really depends on the cook. Accompany it with fried chochino and you will know what it is to eat well.


A drink for the night, oatmeal in water and served with cinnamon and mixed with milk. Better almond or soy milk, but traditionally it is made with evaporated milk. It’s delicious!

Cod Torrejitas

When you are visiting Panama, you can not miss the cod Torrejitas or the corn fritters, definitely tasty! Next to the beach, cold beer, torrejitas, ceviche, fried fish and lobster in hand, is a dish you should try when visiting Panama!

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