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Mosaic Sushi: Trend in Japan of Food Artwork | Designsnails
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Mosaic Sushi: Trend in Japan of Food Artwork

Mosaic Sushi

The Mosaic Sushi is the latest trend in Japan at the moment, as far as food is concerned. All you need is to appreciate this the art of sushi. The concept cannot be simpler, it is to put some pieces of sushi together in a square. Simple, yes, but also totally fascinating.

#1 They are a culinary beauty

#2 Art in the kitchen

#3 Perfect Mosaic Sushi

#4 A Colorful Mosaic Sushi

#5 Heart type

#6 They are a true work of art

#7 Perfection in food

#8 Beautiful and delicious

#9 I wouldn’t stop eating them

#10 They fit perfectly

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