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Latest Makeup Trends You Need to Try in 2019 | Designsnails
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Latest Makeup Trends You Need to Try in 2019

Latest Makeup Trends

In this season, what is in trends in makeup and will remain for the remainder of the year are the matte, natural finish, the new nuances in terms of eyeliner, peach shadows and shine to give life to your face.

Today they are no longer the artists or the catwalks that dictate a single trend that we should take, but the concept of diversity is the new modality. There are thousands of forms for makeup, but a common factor is that it looks fresh, natural and that of light to your face.

This range of possibilities gives us the possibility that each girl can find her own style within the trends of the moment. So take note of the main ones so that you multiply the power of your beauty.

Natural makeup

The natural look is one of the top of the season. Your face will look much fresher and more youthful with impeccable makeup that looks as natural as possible. The basics to achieve it is a good hydration of the face and use a first or concealer that goes with the tone of your skin, ritmel and a touch of blush to give it life.

The best selection is to use pastel tones, since its softness will create a feeling of purity on your face. In addition, they are versatile and ideal for any occasion.

Add a bit of blush to color your skin and look healthier, but without getting out of the natural. Remember to choose a matte finish, with subtle tones such as nude, peach or pink.

New Shades for Eyeliner

This year the outlined has evolved with new nuances. Liquid lines in elegant forms, such as cat eyes, and other more experimental forms with are irregular ones.

The eyeliner is the option that makes you project strength, rebellion and glamor. The secret is not to overdo it. With fine strokes you will make your eyes look bigger and fresher. The thicker black mask strokes will make your look more glamorous.

Lighting and Brightness

With only one imprint on the eyelids, a pinch on the cheekbones or highlighting the inner corners of the eyes. The shine will hypnotize everyone with the beauty and freshness that it adds to your face.

The bright texture mimics diamonds, liquid metallic accents will give light to your face. The brightness will give you that attractive and youthful look you are looking for.

Glow Shadows

For the most daring, and so that your eyes get all the attention of your makeup are the shadows with brightness, they can be matte with a touch of brightness or more striking colors. These tones will bring light and intrigue to your look.

The current trend is colorful shadows, in metallic, holographic and glitter tones. From the colors silver or gold, through the peach and vibrant violets, you will have the perfect shade for every occasion. If you want an ideal makeup for a party, add shine with products with shiny finishes.

Matte lips

Matte lips continue in trends for this fall / winter. But so that it can be impeccable, your lips cannot be dry, cracked or with skin.

Matte lips continue to triumph in all colors, from the most discreet such as nude or pink tones, to dark ones such as brown or red. Some formulas dry out so you have to have well hydrated lips so that the result can be beautiful. The matte lipstick will make you look perfect.

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