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Glittering Jewels: Learn to clean them! | Designsnails
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Glittering Jewels: Learn to clean them!

Learn to clean Glittering Jewels

Many times, women choose to get rid of jewels because they think they are no longer able to use them again: they get stained, oxidized, change color or lose their shine. However, here we give you some tricks on how to clean jewelry and clothes so that you return your life and look like new whenever you use them.


Silver is a very soft metal that scratches easily and eventually turns black and loses its shine. So that it always looks like new, there is an easy and practical trick: fill a small bowl with hot water halfway. Place detergent to wash the soup and stir the mixture until it is diluted. Dip the jewels in the container, leave it for a few minutes and take them out with plenty of cold water. Dry the clothes with a soft cloth and rub them with great force to make them shine.

Shiny gold

Like silver, immerse these accessories in a soapy solution, but when removing them you must clean them with your fingers or with some cotton-based material. Fabrics of other material may contain particles that scratch the surface of gold. One of the main myths is to use toothpaste or baking soda, but they are not really recommended, because they are very aggressive. Try using a detergent that does not contain phosphate.

Charm fantasy

The pieces always have a variety of materials such as brass, steel, crystals and plastics. The first thing you should do is recognize them to give them proper care. If it is a metal, you should carefully clean the dirt with a soft cloth, since the surface is delicate, and rub until you see that the piece is already clean. Apply this same technique to materials such as copper, bronze, brass and nickel to restore luster.

Finally, for the surfaces of non-porous crystals and imitation stones use a mild non-abrasive solution and warm water. Scrub lightly with a soft bristle toothbrush or a very delicate towel.

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