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15 unusual gifts you can do at home | Designsnails
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15 unusual gifts you can do at home

15 unusual gifts you can do at home

Did you say you can’t eat donuts at lunchtime? Well, it is not so, with these delicious unusual donuts you will see that you can enjoy a delicious delicacy. Donuts of unicorn, pumpkin, strawberry with cream, cheese, meat … in short you can make your delicious sweet or savory donuts and with your favorite ingredients!It is just a matter of imagination and inspiration with these unusual donuts, which are culinary works of art, you will enjoy at home.

Strawberry Donuts with Cream

These strawberry donuts are as delicious as they look. So don’t stop preparing them at home.

Sushi type donuts

The basis of this culinary creation is sushi rice and on top of it place the variety of ingredients for the sushi you want.

“Donut Wall” for parties or weddings

Who said that at weddings you can not eat Donuts, then surprise everyone at the party with this wall of donuts.

Donuts Buffalo Crunch

The “Buffalo Crunch” Donuts are all the rage in New York. Use the bread of the donuts and give it a special touch with sauce, bacon and mashed potatoes.

Or if you prefer Donuts to the Perrilla are the best for a delicious lunch!

Snow Donuts

Beautiful snow-type Donuts filled with strawberries, cream and peaches. Adorned with unicorn colors.

The “original” donut

What better than a dozen donuts? Maybe a donut with a dozen candies on top of it.

Donut Bouquet

Maybe a bouquet of flowers is too cheesy. But with some Donuts in it, at least it will be delicious.

Donuts of Auyama

Donuts can be made with various vegetables, and as an example these delicious auyama donuts that are a boom in the United States.

Galactic Donuts

“Supernatural” donuts, despite their appearance, the preparation process only takes 5 minutes.

Macaroni and cheese donuts

For those who do not want sweet donuts, but prefer something salty. These Macaroni and Cheese Donuts are ideal in the form of the Donut and the taste is macaroni and cheese.

Unusual and delicious donuts with a touch of alcohol.

Give an ethyl touch to your donuts with an alcohol filling. As is the chocolates that come with alcohol inside. Just choose your favorite donut and fill it with some rum, whiskey or vodka.

Heart-type Donuts

Special Donuts for lovers or to give on special days, in addition to rich will make your partner fill with love.

Donuts of Cerelaes

Let your imagination fly or make a delicious gift with your favorite creal.

Donuts of Anilamitos

For a fun afternoon that better than some rich donuts of the animal that your children like or like most.

Unicorn Donat

They are the most beautiful, and equally delicious, with the colors of Unicorn that will make your snack a magical day.

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