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11 Tutorials to achieve a simple and beautiful manicure at home

11 Tutorials to achieve a simple and beautiful manicure at home

Not all girls have the time or money to go to the salon to fix our nails. But fortunately, there are some very good tutorials to make a simple manicure and achieve beautiful decorated short nails. With these easy-to-make nail designs you will look as if you had gone to the beauty salon.

These images of nail designs step by step will be very useful to guide you in the art of manicure, here are some ideas of nail designs decorated, simple and easy to make at home. You just need a little creativity and follow these tutorials that will help you achieve beautiful nails.

1. Easy manicure with different colors

2. A beautiful sailor-like design with a red heart

3. Perfect to combine with your best casual ouftis

4. Marble nails step by step

5. Use tapes for a professional manicure

6. Use your favorite colors that go with your look of the day

7. Simple and pretty manicure in morse code

8. For strawberry lovers

9. Sensual manicure designs for your hands

10. Elegant easy manicure at home

11. Neutral tones with snowflakes

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