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10 ideas for nurseries that every parent should consider | Designsnails
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10 ideas for nurseries that every parent should consider

10 ideas for nurseries

One of the tasks of each parent is to provide comfort to their child and have the maximum comfort possible. But what to do and how to do it? We chose 10 bright nursery ideas that each parent should consider to help design the interior of the child’s room, and diversify children’s leisure.

Children’s wardrobe

In general, children’s clothing is larger than that of adults. Therefore, it is necessary to consider functional storage. By unloading the space is almost always reduced, by the amount of furniture in the nursery. So, what better way than to consider an open design. For example, place a pair of bars at a high level, in the middle some shelves. Also in a corner you can put a basket for dirty clothes or for storage of toys.

Low beds

Many children, in the transition from the cradle to the bed, fall when they sleep, they turn around a lot. There is an alternative, a very low bed, yes! on the floor!. This will protect you against injuries and make your sleep more comfortable. The most important thing is that the mattress is comfortable and that it meets all the orthopedic requirements.

Blackboard for creative development

Within a child there is a small artist, whose imagination has no limits. Therefore, children love to draw on their hands, furniture and on the walls. To prevent this from happening it is necessary to immediately take a site from the wall for your creativity. An ideal site would be a slate or wall with special slate paint.

A cozy country house

All children, even a teenager, dreams of having their own home, where they can hide. Making one is not difficult, with a pair of plywood sheets and painting with an interesting color. This makeshift house can be put in the corner of the bed, or even as a complement you can put a row of bulbs to decorate.

Functional use of space by the window

A piece of furniture in a bright window is ideal and very comfortable for children to play. It can serve as a reading area, to play and for your child to develop his creativity. For this purpose, it is best to choose an elongated horizontal frame with a soft pillow and shelves for storing books and toys.

Shelves on wheels

It is important for mothers the comfort and proper storage of all kinds of products for their baby. What better than a cabinet with shelves that can be rolled. So you will have diapers, hygiene products, oils and creams, as well as other things you want in one place. This way it will be very easy to move from one room to another.

Pencil holders

Children always like to have a creative arsenal, they always have a lot of pencils and pens. Many times these are scattered throughout the room and are lost. To avoid this it is necessary to buy some decorative pails or pencil holders and fix them on a rail or hooks. Use your child to keep his creative tools in order, he will be happy!

Neutral background

If the child is still very young, do not overload your room with colors. It is much better to keep a simple interior design that is quiet. To do this, use pastel and neutral gray and / or white tones. Paw the decoration can use toys, pillows and carpets.

Storage of the books

Children love having books with beautiful images, and eventually you will have to find ways to store them. Some of them, shelves on the wall, which you can assemble yourself. This will transform the environment into a pleasant environment.

Magnetic board

What child does not like to play magnets? What better way than a magnetic table, which will teach your child to put words and read. You can play with them comfortably and develop creativity.

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